The Sustainable Human 101 - Applied Science of Consciousness

The Sustainable Human is about developing skill sets of discernment and choice based on a new platform of understanding: we are so much more than just material bodies of flesh and bones. We are complex energetic beings and as such, we have certain properties and characteristics that naturally apply even in a physical material body.

All of the SH programs are intended to give focus and form to new skill sets of mastery- experienced and expressed in a fun and exciting way, so that you may become empowered with a new understanding and vision of who you really are.

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Food for BioSymbiotic Living & Being​​

​This blog was created to assist with clarifying the current concepts regarding food, nutrition, health and

well-being. Re-evaluating our current definitions and beliefs allows for a more palatable means to digest the barrage of information relating to food, nutrition and what is best for each and every being. Approaching food in this new way can facilitate us in becoming more informed, empowered and consciously aware as we make self-reference and self-directed choices.

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The Beings of Zuzu Island

The Beings of ZuZu Island is a unique short story which offers the reader insights to what's possible when we follow our highest joys. It is a heart felt, humorous and adventure packed outline of the self-discovery process of a species and their journey through continuous evolution and consciousness expansion. It shares the process by which the beings of Zuzu Island chose a path of learning their innate, original gifts and attributes through the step-by-step method of contrast experiences. 

The Zumarians find themselves banding together to create new branches of life in unchartered territories. Their discoveries enlighten, inspire and offer each reader a new reverence for the greatness found within All

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