We know there is more to life than what we see with our eyes and can touch with our hands.  

There are exchanges, connections and communications that transpire beyond the commonly accepted perceptual fields. Things we once regarded as magic or miracles are now becoming more understood and evidenced as natural human capabilities. Only recently has it come to be acknowledged, that we have an inborn ability to self-heal, self-repair and self-renew. Yet we, as human, still tend to hold ourselves as small, limited and doomed to sickness, suffering and the fates of old age. We often dismiss and ignore our natural magnificence and squelch our innate powers by continuously searching outside ourselves for the means to better health and ways of living. These antiquated beliefs and trends of outsourcing our power are finally beginning to shift. There is a momentum of collaborative works building that is replacing these outdated ideas and disempowering programs. The understanding that we are far greater than we were ever taught to believe or accepted as true, is now filtering into our awareness. And, it is in these shifting times that we, as New Human, are beginning to witness this truth as a reality. 

The news is out… Being Human is an amazing experience!
Current leading edge fields in science and health are recognizing and bringing support to the fact that we are not merely comprised of flesh and bone.  We now know that there is more to our human composition than just biological systems of heart, hormone, nerve and skeleton. It is understood that we have the ability to influence our health, direct our own genetics and enhance our overall well-being.  There is a new model of health that empowers us to redefine ourselves and shift from the concepts of limitation to that of our original design, which is infinite. In this new emerging model of health, the understanding that, along with our physical biological systems is an interconnected-interrelated-interdynamic energetic system. Underscoring this system is Consciousness. Consciousness is energy and we, as Human Beings, are made of energy in both visible and invisible forms.

Consciousness is the creative force unifying all natural life. 

So how does this understanding play a role in my day-to-day? 

Understanding Consciousness and starting to recognize ourselves as beings of energy in physical form, will allow us to begin to take empowered directorship of our own unique, organic abilities. This is the foundational basis for Consciousness Based Wellness (CBW). We all posses extraordinary abilities, but there are skills to cultivate as we become more aware and aligned with this energy information. CBW frameworks the understanding of how working cooperatively with the innate intelligence of our biology is not merely an act of good health, but connects us to the Source of all things.

CBW utilizes multisensory, experiential based educational learning methods to allow information to be accessed first hand. This is key to true learning because it is only by an individuals experience that the material or subject matter becomes real and uniquely their own. In this model, all participants have the opportunity to evolve in their own manner and timing. Material is no longer something that is learned via rote memorization, immersion or repetition, but rather learned from our own individual interaction and first hand experience. Our inner knowing becomes revealed and actualized by experience. And, it is with this pure knowing that we can more fully become who we truly are as
​The New Sustainable Human.

This is the Shift from Intelligence to Brilliance.​