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Carolyn Anderson, DC

Dr. Carolyn Anderson was first attracted to the field of health when she learned the original concepts and philosophy of Chiropractic. It was the recognition and acknowledgment of the body's inherent ability to self-heal, self-regulate, self-restore and self-renew. Holding reverence for the understanding that you need nothing from the outside to experience optimal health and wellness; you simply need no interference or resistance to the natural flow of your innate intelligence. This understanding, along with her internal recognition that true health comes from within and working cooperatively with the inborn wisdom of your being is how you can begin to express and experience your highest and purest potential.

Carolyn began her professional life working within humanitarian health care programs stationed through Nepal. It was through many amazing experiences in her work that she began stepping into her passion by evidencing for herself the true power held within each being. From there, Dr. Anderson went on to create a private practice where she continued to expand her understanding of the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex and how it is expressed in our daily life. She furthered her post doctorate studies with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and began expanding her own personal knowingness and field of work in Consciousness with Omnium University and The Sustainable Human.

Today, Dr Anderson is one of the lead contributors in the emerging fields of: The Applied Science of Consciousness, Psycho-Spiritual NeuroBiology, Quantum Assignment and Consciousness Based Wellness. She has extrapolated from her own personal process and draws relevance from her experiences as a physician to create energetic tools and experientially based programs of learning, support and empowerment. She has formulated her own unique style of facilitating individuals and offers these teachings through various virtual and live formats; in group settings and/or private one-on-one sessions. Her contributions and work can now be primarily found through: The Sustainable Human 101.org

"One of the most exciting things for me, and that which I am most appreciative of, is the opportunity to actively take part in this massive shift in Consciousness. It is an amazing time to be a part of humanity, consciously participating in this process of Spiritual Evolution. I express deep awe and gratitude for all who are bold enough to step out, stand up, express and share who you really, truly areā€¦"  -xo