Right now, we are at a very exciting juncture in time- both as individuals and as a collective whole

Our world is changing, and with with this change comes the opportunity for us all to consciously create and offer forth our contributions to humanity. Currently, there is great momentum and support when it comes to choosing a new mind-set and a new way of perceiving and experiencing our world. From this new perspective, we are able to transform from the old, finite and restrictive ways of being to a new, unlimited and magnificent version of ourselves. One that is free to be and express who we truly are. This New Human is consciously aware of their inherent amazing abilities and their connection to all natural life

The time to courageously question what we once held to be fact and take an honest inventory of our current 'state of being' is Now. 

Truthfully asking ourselves and answering the question: 

“Am I truly who I know and want myself to be?” 
Is there more to who I am, then what I am currently expressing

In this accelerated time of transformation and innovation, science now evidences the fact that we have extraordinary capabilities that are far beyond what we previously believed. We now recognize that we have the ability to powerfully create with our mind, alter our health and reshape our ways of living and being...

 And, it is Consciousness which underscores this power.

We are consciousness, we are energy, we are all extraordinary beings and there is more to US than we ever imagined!

Acknowledging this new understanding of who we are and how we operate can challenge us to redefine and update our beliefs regarding what we understand as 


Change is exciting, exhilarating and expansive. Change without reference can be unsettling.

Providing a reference through experiential learning is "Next level" knowing.

Next level knowing empowers conscious choice.  

Exercising conscious choice is how a new way of living and being begins.

How does this really work?

What if we all acknowledged our moments of joy and acted upon our pure inspirations?

Those experiences of Love and excitement that we so often gloss over…. These are actually our signals indicating we are in alignment with our true nature and higher purpose.  Happiness, Joy, Goodness... these are feeling translations of BEing our original essence and authentic self. It is part of our inherent operating system and acts as our GPS. These feelings are our guidance, our calling forth, our indications and confirmations of being right on course. Feelings and emotions are how we know when we are on target -or- indicates when we might want to consider a course correction.

What does this look like in my daily life?

Consciousness Bases Wellness (CBW) is a practice that elucidates the mechanics behind our reality and its outer appearance. 

It is a practice that empowers focused and directive choice along with purposeful action. It offers tools to establish new pathways and patterns as we become consciously aware of what we are creating versus simply reacting out of default. Knowing how to clearly navigate our way through this contrast reality allows for our most desired scenarios to become available. This requires a bit of skill and finesse but, it is absolutely accessible to all.

For example, when we know the rules of a game, we are able to naturally become more directive, engaged and excited participants.

And, we have more fun!


This website was created as a platform to provide such information and help facilitate those who wish to focus their attention and efforts towards consciously creating a new way of life. The focus of CBW and the works found in The Sustainable Human 101 are intended to share leading edge concepts and teachings about the emergence of a 'New Conscious and Empowered Human'. It's designed to framework an understanding for this new information which imparts an experiential teaching model of science and health that supports the evolution of:

A New Conscious Paradigm of Living and Being.

Please visit The Sustainable Human 101 to find in-depth information,

practical application tools, virtual courses and live events.


I whole heartedly thank you for your interest, appreciate your participation and look forward to connecting with you. - Carolyn