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We are in a very exciting time of transition and transformation - both as individuals and as a collective whole

Our world is changing, and with change comes the opportunity for us all to choose what we really want and recognize what we truly have to offer .

During this accelerated time of evolution and innovation, science is bringing evidence to the fact that we have extraordinary capabilities that are far beyond what we previously understood or believed. We now know that we have the ability to powerfully create with our mind, alter our own health and design new ways of living that are coherent with natural order and Universal principles...​ And, it is Consciousness which underscores this power.

We are consciousness, we are energy, we are all extraordinary beings and there is more to US than we ever imagined!

Acknowledging this new understanding of who we are and how we operate can challenge us to redefine and update our beliefs regarding what we understand as Truth.

Change is exciting, exhilarating and expansive. Change without reference can be unsettling.

Providing a reference through experiential learning is "Next level" knowing.

Next level knowing empowers conscious choice.  

Exercising conscious choice is how a new way of living and being begins.

A New Beginning - Just Imagine…

You are given an opportunity to freely create the world of your dreams.​ You are able to fashion this world from your true, heartfelt desires.

In this world, you are free to be whoever you want to be. You are free to do, whatever you want to do.

​You are free to feel, however you want to feel. You can have any experience you wish.

What will you choose?

Applied Science of ​Consciousness

The What, Why and How...
Consciousness Based Wellness and The Sustainable Human 101:
The focus of CBW and the works found in The Sustainable Human 101 are intended to share leading edge concepts and teachings about the emergence of a 'New Conscious and Empowered Human.'  It's designed to framework an understanding for this new information which imparts an experiential teaching model of science and health that supports the evolution of:  A New Conscious Paradigm of Living and Being.

Please visit The Sustainable Human 101 to find in-depth information, 
practical application tools, virtual courses and live events.